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Salvy Sousa Recipes

Gram Berry Covered Cheesecake

With these few simple steps, you will have a cheesecake topping you will never forget! Once you try it you will never want to go back to regular plain cheesecake!

Gram Berry Parfait

This parfait is just the right amount of sweet and smooth to make you crave more and more! It makes a wonderful snack and with the all natural Gram Berry Cranberry Sauce, it makes for a very tasty and nutritional breakfast.

OMG Pulled Pork Booming Sliders

These sliders are a great addition to any game day meal. But be careful...one is never enough! These easy sliders cook themselves in the slow cooker. No babysitting necessary!

Rev'd Up Sassy Hot Dogs

Salvy takes that average relish and ketchup to a whole new level in these Rev'd Up Sassy Hot Dogs. If you are ready for a whole new kind of flavor, take these for a spin!

Salvy's Booming Sloppy Joe's

These spiced up Sloppy Joe's have just the right amount of spice with our full flavor of the Boom Boom Hot Sauce. You will never go back to regular Sloppy Joe's again!

Salvy's Cream of Mushroom Soup

A GREAT way to use up left over Salvy Sousa Riff Raff mushrooms is to make them into a thick and delicious Cream of Mushroom Soup!

Salvy's Revilicious Shrimp Dip

Serve with your favorite crackers or in a warm bread bowl for a great hot dip!

Salvy's Riff Raff Mushrooms

These mushrooms are a mouth watering addition to any piece of beef, chicken, or pork! They are also great to just eat as a side to any meal that you prepare!

Salvy's Sassy Dip

Salvy's Sweet N Sassy Jalapeno Dip is a great addition to any meal! If you are looking for an easy appetizer to any meal this is what you need to do!

Salvy's Sassy Enchiladas

Salvy Sousa's Sassy Enchiladas are a super easy and tasty dinner for one of those nights you want a good meal but you just don't have the time to spend hours making it.

Salvy's Sassy Potato Salad

Perfect for picnics, parties or any get together. This potato salad has that extra shot of flavor that will have your friends asking for your secret recipe.

Salvy's Simple Pasta Salad

This side can be used throughout the entire year. Make it right before dinner or the day before an event. It is the perfect side for any meal.

Salvy's Super Starter Casserole

One hearty breakfast that's enough to feed the whole family and have them come back for seconds!

Stuffed Bloody Bull Peppers

Like to enjoy your dinner with peppers? Well stuffed peppers is a dish that will fill anyone up.

Sweet but Sassy Deviled Eggs

These deviled eggs aren't like the rest. They are just the right amount of sweet with a little bit of heat that will make you go back for another helping.

Sweet N' Sassy Sausage Dip

The perfect snack for any type of occasion! Whether it be a football game, family reunion or Christmas, this dip does the trick.